It all started when…

I was in 3rd year of Technical Engineering in Industrial Design in Elisava and I realised I was passionate about Graphic Design.
I was liking what I was studying but really struggling to pay attention to physics and mathematics but enjoying the subjects that were more related to drawing and designing packaging etc. I switched studies and everything changed for me.

I started studying in Bau and enjoyed every single subject, I spent my nights working on projects, motivated by the challenges set to me by my professors.
In my final year, I studied for a semester in the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam. it was a really eye-opening experience for me. I found that In Barcelona the design focus was put on the outcome whereas in Rotterdam the focus was on the process and research. Attending the Willem de Kooning Academy made me change my way of working and I gained valuable international experience. I was living in halls with people from all over the world representing around 30 nationalities, as a result I improved my English and made a lot of lasting friendships.

During all my studies I was also working with my father in his interior design studio. My job there was to design spaces and also to produce the graphics for booths and shop interiors. I also gained experience collaborating with a furniture workshop, drawing prototypes to help clients visualise how their space might work with the selected furniture.

When I finished my studies I started an internship in a small design studio called Pentagrama Comunicació. They were working mainly with beauty products, I did a lot of package design, magazine ads and sachets.

After my 3 month internship, I had my first job at Enprensa Comunicació. They were also a small studio, they work a lot with the Farmers Union so I did a lot of press folders and catalogues. They also work a lot with a technology brand called Probasic, for which we did the packaging of their products. Another client of theirs was UME which is a musical instrument shop. I designed the communication of a drawing competition that they organise. I created a character that they are still using to this day.

Then, I worked almost 5 years in Karpa Marketing Group. Karpa was an event agency specialising in roadshows, booths and promotion activities in commercial centres, shops and supermarkets. I gained valuable widespread experience in Karpa as it was a small agency, my role varied from design, marketing and project management. I was solely responsible for the creative aspects being the only designer in the company for a long period of time, but later collaborating with other designers and interns. The experience was very important for my development and helped me learn and grow as a professional.

One of my Rotterdam friends came to work in Barcelona for a large American company called Vistaprint. She entered the creative department and they open up some positions there and she recommended me. I attended the interview, which was very challenging and I got the position as Graphic Designer. That was 8 years ago, I still work in Vistaprint. In this company I have learned a lot, I learn about email marketing, direct response, responsive design. I learned how is the process to change a brand, how to implement it in the different channels, how to measure client perception. I learned how to communicate and present in front of people of different nationalities. I learned how to organise an inspiration program for designers from scratch. I learned how to deal with company organisation changes and I'm still learning a lot.

A part of this during the whole time I had been doing some free-lance jobs, more than free-lance I would say friendship jobs as money was not necessarily involved, I did flyers, invitations, logos, business cards and some person illustrations which is one of my passions to draw people.

This has been my journey until now. If you want to know more please contact me at