Farmàcia Eixample Blau Logo


We designed a very playful and modern logo. The location of the pharmacy played an important role as inspiration and also the components of what means a pharmacy itself. In this first one, you can see in the back part of the business card there is a drop inside the cross, as it is near the sea and next to Besòs river. But in the front of the business card and for general appliance we keep the middle of the cross empty. The font used for the text on the logo is a very architectural font, a sans serif thin and modern, very easy to read and complement the logo very well.


Here you have another option for the back of the business card where in the middle of the cross we have a leaf, being plants an essential for the pharmacy field plus in this pharmacy they offer natural treatments.


And in this cross we played with a pill shape. In general this options with the cross brings to the brand and extension that allows you to grow the brand with the branches that they might need plus it makes it very dynamic.