Logo & Business Card Design

This is the business card and logo design for a hairdresser in Palencia.
The range of age of their clients is quite wide as it goes from kids to grannies.
The owner is a very modern lady that organises also a hard rock music festival.

I wanted the logo and business card design represents her personality and her style but also her clients. So I wanted to look playful, modern, trendy but at the same time elegant. The naming of the hairdresser is "Córtate" which means: cut your hair! so when I designed the logo
I chose a classic typography Helvetica and I cut part of the letters.

There are some icon illustrations creating a pattern on the front side of the card, they are some of the tools used in a hairdresser,
I choose to create those with a linear style so it created a high contrast with the logo that is bolder.

Regarding the colouring, I played with 2 colours, as you can see it gives the opportunity to change the way you print the business card.
You can do black and white or golden and blue, golden and green. It allows the owner to play with the colours of the business card by season
or by the colour trend.